My Visit of the world's largest trade fair and event highlight for interactive games and entertainment.

Award ceremony of the European Games Award 2012
in Cologne.

Participation in the event of the FFF Bayern and the firm
SKW Schwarz.

Turbo Tools


»Dive into the fantastic world of the Turbo Tools! Awaken your own personal robot to life and push through the racetrack.«

Turbo Tools is a free to play game for all inventors and self-proclaimed scientist. In your garage you develop new components or buy your robot to make this into an unstoppable racing machine.
Takes on one of the many dangerous racing against other players and their robots to win honor and money.
If you however need a break from the tough competition, the scrap yard behind the garage is exactly the right place. There you can test new robots and objects and create their own racetracks.


  • Free to play
  • Three different robot models
  • 14 breakneck racing tracks
  • Exciting multiplayer racing for up to 6 players
  • Internal trade system for creating your own objects
  • Global Ranking


  • Turbo Tools Garage
  • Turbo Tools Rennstrecke
  • Turbo Tools Map 10


  • Speedy - Turbo Tools
  • Regular - Turbo Tools
  • Heavy - Turbo Tools

Own mission field

Turbo Tools is my Master's thesis in the course »Interactive media systems« focusing Game Development at the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg.

Game Design Document

The »Game Design Document« is the basis for the further development of Turbo Tools. All the important game details and decisions held fixed.

  • Overview
  • Gameplay
  • Game Characters
  • Storytelling and Narative
  • Game World
  • User Interfaces
  • Game Level
  • Monetization

Visualization of the robots

Using the Game Design Document a clear definition of the robots has been developed in terms of functionality and appearance.
There are 3 different robot models, which have a very clear basic shape and can be enhanced with a variety of components. As references the areas steampunk and retro-futurism was used.

  • Development from 2d to 3d.

Facebook prototyp

The playable flash prototype should give a sense of layout, navigation and usability. Through integration into Facebook, the prototype can be tested already.

  • Turbo Tools prototype
  • Turbo Tools prototype
  • Turbo Tools prototype