My Visit of the world's largest trade fair and event highlight for interactive games and entertainment.

Award ceremony of the European Games Award 2012
in Cologne.

Participation in the event of the FFF Bayern and the firm
SKW Schwarz.

Mighty Monsters


The mobile game Mighty Monsters takes players on a journey together with his chosen companions to experience exciting encounters with other Mighty Monsters.

For more information visit the Mighty Monsters website.


  • Free to play
  • Three completely unique monsters
  • GPS technology combined with RPG elements
  • Innovative reward system
  • Ranking - Do you have the strongest monster?
  • Location-based events


  • Frog - Mighty Monsters
  • Rabbit - Mighty Monsters
  • Rat - Mighty Monsters
  • Mighty Monsters Hauptmenue
  • Mighty Monsters Map
  • Mighty Monsters my monster


  • Promotion video - Mighty Monsters
  • Rat Pack - Mighty Monsters

Own mission field

Project management

For the duration of the project term the management of a team of 8 people was carried out by me. The project itself and the project management were extended in the following semester to another semester.

Game design

The game design was for me the most important task in addition to the project management field. All necessary functions are implemented with Java.
Goal of the game is to train his companion to the most powerful monster of all.
There are 3 different companions with different properties (strength, dexterity, intelligence).
The evolution of the companion happens by successful fights with other monsters. Feature is that you do not know where exactly these hostile monsters are. Each has its own monster specific »habitat« where they can be found. Unpleasant surprises are guaranteed.

Marketing and presentation

For the final project presentation various promotional products and strategies have been developed. In the university's own pressroom T-Shirts were printed by Marie, Martha, me. In addition, promotional gifts, such as badges / buttons were created for our own booth. Overall, the quality was monitored by me.

  • Mighty Monsters Silkscreening
  • Mighty Monsters Silkscreening
  • Mighty Monsters Silkscreening